Air-Powered Rehab Cutters, Revolutionized

Balancing capability and value, the Micro S Light+ is the perfect tool to tackle lucrative small-diameter rehab work.

The head of this powerful cutter travels as far as 164’ in 4"-10" lines (straight 3" line only with 90DCX angular air motor). Once in position, it clamps pneumatically and offers joystick control for three axes of motion:
• continuous rotation 
• 90-degree swivel  
• 4” axial feed

Perfect for both horizontal and vertical work, the Micro S Light+ fits in small access openings and snakes through 4” lined elbows.

An onboard camera provides live visual feedback on a 10” touchscreen monitor. Pressurized with nitrogen, the sealed head carries an IP54 rating, accepts various cutting bits, and detaches for easy transport.

No dryer is needed with the Micro S Light+. The entire system travels on a wheeled cart weighing just 104 lbs.