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March 2018: Rehab Solutions


February 2018: WWETT Show Preview


 January 2018


 December 2017: Holiday Reading List


  November 2017


 October 2017

  • Smooth Transitions: Spotlight on Lancaster Area Sewer Authority
  • Working Smarter with the Rehab Strategy Worksheet.
  • What's Your Sewer IQ? Take the Inflow and Infiltration Quiz?
  • Mobilize Your Sewer Inspection Capability.
  • An Unlikely Pair: Microalgae and Wastewater Treament
  • ROVVER X: The Most Capable Inspection Crawler on the Market.


 September 2017


August 2017

  • User Spotlight: Uxbridge, MA
  • Envirosight Acquires MyTana Manufacturing.
  • See Us at WEFTEC.
  • Quick-Lock is Point Repair Anyone Can Install.
  • 7 Secrets to Low Crawler Cost-of-Ownership.


July 2017

  • Sewer Exfiltration: The Leaking Enemy
  • Cultivating New Markets: Pipe Detectives Inspects Drain Tile.
  • Visit PRT at Water Expo.
  • Pro Features for Drain Inspection
  • Request your FREE Confined Space Safety Poster.


June 2017

  • Fueling Growth: A Spotlight on Calgary Sewer Scope
  • Do More with Cooperative Contracts
  • The Cost of Sewer Pipe Corrosion
  • ROVVER X SAT: The Power to Look Deeper
  • ROVVER X and Quick-Lock Work Together to Fix Pipes


May 2017

  • Resistance: A Sewer Crawler's Greatest Enemy
  • White Paper: The Benefit of PACP
  • Preventative Maintenance Done Right: Raleigh, NC
  • Quick-Lock Sewer Point Repair
  • The Financial Impact of I/I. 


April 2017

  • Pillar of Success: Accujet of Iowa
  • Stop Sinkholes Before They Happen.
  • Visit Us at WEF Collection System 2017.
  • Laser Profiling for Sewers
  • White Paper: The Untapped Market for Cross Bore Inspection Services


March 2017

  • Tackle Inflow and Infiltration with Manhole Inspection.
  • Customer Spotlight: City of Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Visit Us at No-Dig 2017.
  • White Paper: Reduce Sewer Assessment Costs by 34%.
  • Sewer Insight, Now in HD


February 2017

  • Customer Spotlight: Franklin Township, NJ
  • NEW! CleverScan Manhole Scanning Camera
  • I/I's Impact on Treatment Capacity
  • White Paper: Rent, Lease Buy?
  • Industry Events Calendar


January 2017

  • Piece by Piece: The Case for a Modular Sewer Inspection Crawler
  • Customer Spotlight: Advanced Underground
  • UCT 2017
  • FREE Poster Shows Why ROVVER X is the Most Capable Sewer Crawler.
  • WWETT 2017 Preview


December 2016

  • Sewer Cameras: Rent Lease or Buy?
  • With PACP, Better Data Means Better Decisions
  • Capitalize on a Growing Market
  • Zoom Cameras Make for a Faster Inspection.
  • White Paper: Fast-Tracking Municipal Procurement
  • Get Your FREE Copy of the Crawler Maintenance Logbook


November 2016

  • Get a Better Look at Your Sewer Pipes.
  • Spotlight: City of Roanoke, Virginia
  • EPA Launches Stormwater Planning Toolkit.
  • Video: Quick-Lock Repair Sleeve in Action
  • White Paper: Jetting with Vision


October 2016

  • Quick-Lock Is Point Repair Anyone Can Install.
  • SlideShare: Reduce Sewer Assessment Costs up to 34%.
  • Spotlight: City of Tallahassee, FL
  • Avoid Rookie Mistakes on Your Next Crawler Purchase.
  • We're Hiring a Direct Sales Account Manager.


September 2016

  • Jetscan: A Day in the Life of a Video Nozzle.
  • Work Smarter Against Inflow and Infiltration.
  • Customer Spotlight: City of Troy, Michigan
  • WEFTEC 2016: Show Preview
  • We're Hiring.


August 2016

  • Video Tutorial: Cable Retermination
  • Envirosight's New Website
  • Customer Spotlight: City of Concord
  • Up Your Game: Industry Resources
  • WEFTEC 2016


July 2016

  • Watch Now: Pressurizing your ROVVER X
  • WEFTEC 2016
  • Customer Spotlight: Jet-setting with Allens Plumbing
  • Coming Soon: Afforable Point Repair Anyone Can Perform.
  • Clean Sewers with Half the Water.


June 2016

  • Getting More from Your Data with WinCan VX.
  • FREE Download: Seven Secrets to Low Cost-of-Ownership for Sewer Crawlers.
  • Customer Spotlight: Blood Hound Underground
  • Steer through Bends to Inspect and Clean Laterals.
  • City of Denton, TX Reaps Cost Savings and Efficiency with Jetscan.


May 2016

  • Inclined to Success: Understanding Your Crawler's Inclinometer and Roll Sensor.
  • FREE: Make Crawler Configuration Easier
  • Customer Spotlight: Snowbridge
  • Test Drive the New Quickview airHD.
  • Aging Sewer Infrastructure Blamed for City's Sinkhole Crisis.


April 2016

  • ROVVER X's Advanced Measurement Capabilities.
  • What you need to know about CSOs and Consent Decrees.
  • Customer Spotlight: Trenchless Pipe Repair
  • Upcoming Event: WEF Collection Systems
  • Zoom Camera Buyer's Guide