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Underground Intel: Envirosight's Newsletter
Santa Fe Wastewater Management

Santa Fe's Extra Workload Won't Tolerate Downtime.

Santa Fe, New Mexico's Wastewater Management Division invests heavily in sewer rehab and relies on its sewer inspection crews to perform pre-acceptance of newly lined pipe. This workload, in addition to routine inspection activity, places extra demands on their personnel and equipment. When sourcing a new sewer inspection crawler, Wastewater Collection Manager Jerry Tapia wanted a workhorse system that would minimize downtime and increase productivity.

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Sewer Rehab: Spot Repair vs End-to-end

Weighing Spot Repair against End-to-End Rehab Methods.

Keeping sewers operational means wasting no resources. Sewer rehab is especially resource-intensive, so deciding exactly how to repair defects is crucial. Central to this decision is whether to use localized rehab (spot repair) or a comprehensive (end-to-end) method. In a new white paper, we present a detailed guide to making this determination.

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Sewer IQ: Confined Space Entry

What's Your Sewer IQ? Take the Confined Space Entry Quiz.

How does your confined space entry knowledge compare to your co-workers'? Test your skills with our new quiz. 

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Digisewer: Comprehensive, High-res Visual Data

Image Every Inch of Pipe.

Digisewer captures comprehensive, high-res visual data from pipe at speeds up to 70 fpm. The deliverable, called a side-scan, is then presented in multiple views (side, forward, thumbnail and virtual 3D) that can be rapidly analyzed and annotated offline by an engineer. As a result, Digisewer yields triple the productivity of traditional CCTV inspection, all while producing data that's optimized for transmission and storage.

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Webinar: Introducing the Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers.

Webinar: Introducing the Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers.

You can't manage what you don't measure. This holds true for sewers; if you lack a comprehensive understanding of sewer condition, it's impossible to make smart maintenance and repair decisions. On Wednesday, December 13 at 2:00pm EST, Envirosight's Steve Sebastian will present the Phased Assessment Strategy for Sewers (PASS), a way to gain a system-wide understanding of sewer condition while spending 17% less time and 34% less money. Register today for this free 30-minute webinar.

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Foliage Fouls Stormwater

Fall Foliage Fouls Storm Runoff.

Autumn's dazzling scenery produces leaf litter that, if left uncollected, can exacerbate environmental water quality issues.

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