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ROVVER X SAT Lateral Launch System

ROVVER X SAT Lateral Launch System

The ROVVER X SAT lets you inspect laterals from a mainline, ideal for finding dangerous gas line cross bores and for investigating residential back-ups and illicit flows. The SAT crawler and reel integrate with your existing ROVVER X system, reducing cost and allowing you deploy more capability from a single truck.

Mitigate Your Risks

Locating gas line cross bores is critical to preventing potential explosions. ROVVER X SAT lets you inspect for cross bores in laterals directly from a mainline (rather than via residences and residential clean-outs). Municipalities also use lateral launch to investigate illicit flows, determine responsibility for residential back-ups, and address other areas of risk exposure.

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ROVVER X SAT for cross bore location and other risks

Sewer System Inspection System

Broaden Your Capability

ROVVER X SAT integrates with your existing ROVVER X crawler reel, desktop controls and wheels, helping you:

  • Acquire lateral launch with less investment,
  • Deploy more capability with a single crew, and
  • Reduce equipment clutter.

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Extend Your Reach

ROVVER X SAT gives you the range and articulation to inspect where other systems can’t.

  • Crawl 500' down a mainline.
  • Launch 100' into laterals.
  • Steer around and climb over obstacles with powerful 6x8 drivetrain.
  • Pan 360 degrees and tilt 90 with an auto-leveling camera (axial camera optional).
  • Locate the camera using its built-in sonde transmitter.

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Sewer Camera Lateral Launch

Digging Deep: Growing Market for Cross Bore Inspection Services

Grow Your Opportunity

Cross bores are a threat to residents, businesses and the environment. In this white paper, we discuss business and operational factors a contractor should consider before entering the cross bore inspection services market.