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Getting More from Your Data with WinCan VX

As the world's most advanced inspection crawler, ROVVER X captures digital video and images, and lets you classify and measure defects. But if you're not organizing, analyzing and sharing that data, you're not realizing the full potential of your investment. 

Learn how to import inspection data from your ROVVER X pendant to WinCan VX software (included with every new ROVVER X system) using this step-by-step guide. 


FREE DOWNLOAD: Seven Secrets to Low Cost-of-Ownership for Sewer Crawlers

In this white paper, we reveal seven strategies our customers have shared for keeping lifetime cost-of-ownership as low as possible—including operating tips, suggested maintenance procedures and intervals, buyer advice, and important design considerations. With this insight, not only will you be able to control costs, you'll extend your crawler's service life, boost its performance and minimize your downtime.


Customer Spotlight: Blood Hound Underground

Blood Hound Underground is a utility locating company that was founded in 1999. Today, they offer a variety of services including mapping, electro-magnetic locating, ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning, and underground pipe survey and inspections using Envirosight’s ROVVER X robotic camera crawler system. In 2015, Inc. 5000 recognized Blood Hound Underground as one of the fastest growing companies in America. The company has over 75 employees, with plans to hire 15-20 more employees by the end of this year.


Steer through Bends To Inspect and Clean Laterals

Patent-pending CleanSteer uses high-pressure water for propulsion, steering and cleaning as it captures live video from inside drains and laterals. It traverses multiple bends, steers through branches, and levitates above debris to clean and inspect simultaneously.


City of Denton, TX Reaps Cost Savings and Efficiency with Jetscan

The City of Denton, Texas saved over $180,000 when they introduced Jetscan to their sewer assessment workflow. This presentation describes why Denton chose Jetscan and the outcomes they reaped from the decision.

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